Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunday Express

I am very lucky to also be a regular client of the Sunday Express magazine and the latest short story I illustrated was of a little girl, with bright blue eyes, blond hair and a pink dress so the brief was pretty descriptive! I had to have a kids softplay ball pit in the background, which I must admit, wasn't my most favourite thing to draw (too many ropes!) but it was enjoyable to do never-the-less.

New 'Single Mum' Illustration

Here is the latest illustration for the April edition of Reform magazine. This month's story was regarding Lucy's teenage son and how delighted she is by the North London school he attends;"Between them the kids speak more than 60 languages. Some of the girls wear skirts resembling curtain pelmets; some wear hijab. Some of the boys wear turbans; some have locks, some have chin-fluff, some have impressive, fully grown beards."