Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sunday Express

Here is the latest illustration, created for the Sunday Express magazine. It accompanied a short story about a young woman who is moving out of her flat and looks through the bottom drawer of her grandmother's chest of drawers to find old slips of paper with past worries written on them. The idea is that you shut them away in a 'worry drawer' and forget about them...

Monday, 1 August 2011

New Work

Well, it's been a bit longer than I'd like since my last post but I have been a busy lady and what with it being summer and all, I've had a fair few short breaks around the country visiting friends and family. All very lovely of course and being nearly 7 months pregnant now, does make me slightly less productive but I have managed to squeeze in a few illustrations lately.

The first is one I did a little while ago for Reform magazine. It was quite a nice illustration to do as Sav (the teenage son in this monthly column) is thinking about his heritage, being a mixture of English and Jamaican and I put together a little sketchbook, which meant I could incorporate pictures from previous illustrations.

The Second piece I have done recently is another illustration for The Sunday Express magazine. I have just sent another one off today but this is the one from a couple of weeks ago: